Same-Day Sign Off

Our employment solicitors have the ability to review agreements the same day they’re received. The entire process can be completed within a very short timeframe, in most cases seven days, depending on how your employer responds.

Legal Costs Promise

Pay nothing for advice, a review and a signature. Should we negotiate on your behalf, additional fees for negotiations would be made clear.

Negotiation Services

If you wish to negotiate the amount of compensation, we can help. On average, we obtain an increase of 25 to 50% over and above the opening offer.

How our settlement agreement solicitors can help you

For over twelve years, our expert employment solicitors have been providing help and assistance to employees, and individuals who have been offered a settlement agreement. We've negotiated better exit packages as well as providing independent legal advice on employment disputes, redundancies, termination and employment rights issues.

If you have been asked to sign an settlement agreement at work and no negotiation is necessary, the solicitors at Settlement Agreement Advice can review the relevant documents the same day they’re received.

We value the fact that you want to move on with your life as soon as possible. That’s why we’re here to help guide you through the correct course of action and take care of your needs and interests as fast as possible so you can do just that. We can advise you on whether you should accept your employer’s offer or not as well as other related matters.

The solicitors at our law firm help and advise employees with everything in relation to their settlement agreement. Our solicitors can be contacted by telephone throughout all areas of England and Wales, including all the major towns and cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff, Reading and Brighton.

If you have questions or are not sure where to start or just want to put this behind you as soon as possible, you can get a free no obligation telephone appointment by either calling us and speaking to a legal advisor, requesting a callback or starting the process online.

Settlement Agreement Advice is a trading name of DPH Legal which is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and is a member of The Employment Lawyers Association.

Why Settlement Agreement Advice?

We are one of many UK law firms in the country that can deal with a settlement agreement. Our team of highly experienced employment solicitors have the knowledge and expertise to deal with a settlement agreement for workers and employers for a number of different industries.

We understand the importance of getting through this and getting back on with your life as quickly as possible.

Our process has been refined to ensure we can deal with your settlement agreement enquiry quickly and efficiently.

Should you wish to negotiate the amount of compensation you’ve been offered, our solicitors can achieve an average increase of 25 to 50% on your initial offer, but we do not offer a no-win-no-fee service.

Our negotiation services are only specified if we believe there’s a high certainty that we can achieve a positive outcome on your behalf. Our reputation has been built upon transparency, speed and responsiveness.

All of our employment solicitors at our law firm are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are long-standing members of the Employment Lawyer's Association.

Our top-level legal people can offer legal advice and guidance in this area over the telephone or via a zoom meeting from our offices based in the South-East of England. Our offices have remained covid secure for the last three years.

We do not provide settlement agreement templates or example letters. These can be found on the ACAS website.

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    We'll give you free legal advice on what your settlement agreement means and what your options are on the same day as we receive it. Negotiation services are available where applicable.

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    Once you're happy with your employer's terms, sign and return it to us. We'll speak with your employer to seek closure that same day. We'll return your completed agreement so you can get back on with your life.

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What is a settlement agreement (formerly a compromise agreement)?

The main advantage is that a settlement agreement can be used to settle a number of different claims. It’s regulated as a statute in employment law, and it’s a legal agreement between an employer and an employee, used to facilitate a clean amicable break between both parties, rather than the matter being decided in court.

The employee will have the security of a financial settlement offered in writing while the employer has the peace of mind that no future claims can be made against them. A settlement in this case refers to solving an employment issue and not a family one.  

A compromise agreement was the name formerly given to a settlement agreement.  A settlement agreement facilitates the ending of an employment relationship. In most cases, it includes a confidentiality clause and communications are usually marked as “without prejudice” or “without prejudice save as to costs”. 

The employer offers compensation in exchange for the employee agreeing to not take a claim to the employment tribunal at a later date. A settlement agreement lawyer shall be required in order to provide legal advice to ensure it amounts to a valid settlement agreement. 

This advice should also include the effects and consequences the agreement will have on the employee’s ability to make a future claim against their employer. A settlement agreement is different from an ACAS COT3 agreement.

Where do I find a settlement agreement solicitor?

Settlement Agreement Solicitor’s are often lawyers who specialise in employment law. This means that as well as advising on a settlement agreement they also provide advice on the full range of employment law issues.  This includes advice on grievances and disciplinary or performance issues within the workplace as well as employment tribunal claims.

If an employee requires advice on a settlement agreement from a law firm they should take advice from a specialist rather than a generalist solicitor.

At Settlement Agreement Advice all of the lawyers are specialist Settlement Agreement Solicitors who practice only employment law, so we are experts in this area.

We deal with hundreds of settlement agreements per month and have an excellent success rate on negotiating increased payments for our clients.

Do I have to pay for settlement agreement advice?

There is typically a fee contribution set out in the settlement agreement which means you don’t have to pay the solicitor for advice on your agreement. In this case, the settlement agreement advice is paid for directly by your employer and the invoice is sent to the employer for direct payment.

The advice received should include information on the terms of the agreement, a full explanation of the clauses within the agreement and what these mean to you. 

In addition to this, the advice should include recommendations about whether or not you have leverage to negotiate a better deal than the payments offered in the agreement.

This will include advice on whether any employment claims have arisen and if so, the likely damages which would attach to those claims. 

After receiving advice on your settlement agreement, you can decide whether or not to enter the agreement or to pursue a negotiation. Our employment solicitors can also help you calculate your settlement agreement compensation.

Frequently asked questions about settlement agreements

In what circumstances would a settlement agreement be used?

Usually, it’s used to end the employment of an employee. It can also be used as an opportunity to settle a dispute regarding an unfair dismissal for whistleblowing, or reporting health and safety issues, a grievance related to bullying, or an injury to feelings claim when the employment contract has been terminated. In some instances, some employer's may be open to negotiating a settlement to avoid a sexual harassment claim.


Do I need a specialised solicitor for a settlement agreement?

Yes, before signing, it is a requirement of law to first seek legal advice from a qualified settlement agreement solicitor who will be able to advise you on a number of things: 

  • If the terms affect your ability to apply for another job;
  • The implications of signing the agreement; and 
  • If the terms or payment are fair.

Should there be a case for negotiating terms or an increase in compensation, an employment solicitor can also negotiate on your behalf. Settlement agreements can be complex and can include other binding conditions such as restrictive covenants that only a qualified lawyer can interpret.

How much will I have to pay for taking care of my settlement agreement? 

There will not be a legal cost for the initial review and legal advice from a solicitor. Generally, the employer of the business will contribute between £250 and £750 towards legal fees for a solicitor to review your settlement agreement. Once you've signed the agreement, your solicitor will send the invoice directly to your employer for payment.

At Settlement Agreement Advice, we have a solicitor costs guarantee. This means for the review, advice and completion of the settlement agreement, our fees will be covered by your employer.

If you wish to negotiate terms or compensation, then additional fees may apply. We are very clear and transparent and will not move forward until costs and expenses have been clearly explained and we have the go-ahead from you.

What benefits does a settlement agreement provide? 

A settlement agreement is mutually beneficial for an employee and an employer. The employee receives a compensation payment and the employer can be assured they won’t be subjected to months of legal proceedings in an employment tribunal in the future. The agreement provides a clean, amicable break between the two parties.


Is the redundancy process the same as a settlement agreement?

No, a settlement agreement is not the same as a redundancy procedure, although they are used in situations related to redundancies.


Do I have to sign a settlement agreement and what happens if I don’t? 

No, you do not need to sign it. If an employee doesn’t agree with the terms offered in the agreement, or if discrimination is involved, then they do not need to sign. The employee has a choice of whether to sign it or not. 


Will I still get a reference if I sign a settlement agreement? 

No, a reference is not normally given. However, an agreed reference can be negotiated as a term of the agreement. This will be included as one of several potential clauses or a provision within the agreement. Generally, the employer is not obligated to give a reference. 


What would happen if I breached my settlement agreement? 

A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract therefore, if either party breaches the terms set out in the agreement, a claim for damages can be brought against them. If the employee wishes to change their mind after signing the agreement, the agreement will continue to remain legally binding.


How would payments be taxed?

The first £30 000 paid to the employee is usually tax-free with any balance exceeding this amount being subject to tax. Here's further information on the tax implications on a settlement agreement.