Our Simple 6 Step Process

Our settlement agreement service is available across England and Wales.

For a review, advice and a signature, we can normally complete your agreement within 24 hours (subject to your employers response).

How to get started with your settlement agreement

DPH Legal is a specialist law firm focusing on employment law and specifically helping employees with their settlement agreements. Our team has a proven track record for achieving our clients' objectives quickly and efficiently.

If you need no draft changes to your settlement agreement, we can typically get it all done within 24 hours. If we need to make changes to your agreement then it may take us up to 3 days.

Our settlement agreement advice and services are available 9:30am to 5:30pm on weekdays. You can either call us or request a callback to get the process started.

Step one

Get started by clicking the “Start Process” button. Complete the simple form. You can also call us directly or request a callback.

Step two

If you couldn’t upload your agreement in step one, we can give you our dedicated email address during our initial call so you can sent it to us.

Step three

Our senior employment experts will review your agreement and call you to explain in simple language, what the terms mean as well as answering any questions you may have. This call can vary in length depending on the complexity of your agreement. Scheduling one hour for this call is typically sufficient.

While reviewing your agreement, we might find that you have been offered unfair terms or compensation. If this is the case we’ll explain the steps that need to be taken from here as well as any additional fees should they be applicable. Please note that DPH Legal will not invoice you for any additional fees without first having prior permission from you in writing.

Step four

If there are no amendments to the terms of your agreement then we will arrange for you to sign it. Your agreement is then send to your employer for a counter signature. We’ll also send your employer our invoice which will cover our legal fees.

Step five

We’ll liase with your employer on your behalf. If you’re happy with the initial terms we can normally have your agreement concluded that same day subject to your employers responsiveness.

Step six

Receive a copy of your completed agreement and move on with the next chapter in your life.

Our negotiation services

DPH Legal's team of experts can negotiate directly with your employer to get you the best deal possible.

We have a lot of experience with settlement agreement law. This helps us deal with situations that other lawyers may not be familiar with. With our expertise and experience, we can identify your goals and the best legal solution to achieving them. We’ll help you come to an agreement with your employer that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Even if you’ve previously tried to negotiate for a much better deal and failed, don’t lose hope. We still may be able to get better terms. Typically, the negotiation process can be completed within the allotted time frame without too much difficulty.

Our lawyers are available to review your agreement right away.