Common Issues in the Workplace

Employees experience lots of different types of issues in the workplace. Often the first things to do when concerns arise within the workplace is to address this informally with your employer. How to raise a grievance If this fails, then an employee has the option of addressing issues in the workplace via a formal grievance … Read more

Restrictive Covenants in Employment Contracts and Settlement Agreements

Restrictive covenants are clauses which appear in both employment contracts and settlement agreements entered into between employees and employers.  These clauses tend to be for the purpose of protecting an employer’s business interests and restricting competition by the employee after the termination of the employee’s employment. Types of settlement agreement clauses The types of clauses … Read more

What Happens If I Refuse To Sign A Settlement Agreement?

Your employer might have offered you a settlement agreement and mentioned that if you don’t sign it, the only other alternative will be to take you through a disciplinary process.  If you decide not to sign the settlement agreement, your employer can take you through a disciplinary process if they are dissatisfied with the standard … Read more

Making An Employment Tribunal Claim Against Your Employer

If you are having problems at work and you have been offered a settlement agreement that seems unfair, you might be able to make a claim at the Employment Tribunal against your employer.  An employment solicitor will be able to tell you if the settlement agreement terms are fair. If you have not been offered … Read more

Are Settlement Agreement Payments Taxable?

Settlement agreement payments usually come in the form of a one-off payment that consists of a termination payment (lump sum). However, there are many different payments an employee can receive with their settlement agreement.  Not all payments will be taxable but some will be and it’s important to understand which are. A qualified and experienced … Read more

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Settlement Agreement and Redundancy

Redundancy is one of the potentially fair reasons to dismiss an employee pursuant to employment law applicable in England and Wales. It is very common for employees who are being offered a settlement agreement for redundancy to be the reason why their employer wants to terminate their employment. Certain employers always hand out settlement agreements … Read more

Redundancy Guide for Employees in the UK

What is Redundancy? In the UK, redundancy is governed by employment law. This means that employers must follow strict guidelines before making any redundancies. This includes following the correct procedures for informing employees about their redundancy and giving them time to prepare for it. Redundancy can be used in many ways, but it is most … Read more

Is A Settlement Agreement The Same As Redundancy?

If your employer has offered you a settlement agreement instead of redundancy, you’ll probably want to get some legal advice before considering the offer. Settlement agreement definition Many employees receive one not knowing what is a settlement agreement is. In short, it’s a legally binding document you can sign in exchange for compensation, which authorises … Read more