Who Pays The Fee For A Settlement Agreement Solicitor

When two parties come to an agreement, particularly in the context of employment disputes, the question often arises: Who pays for the fee for settlement agreement solicitors in drawing up or advising on the settlement agreement?   These agreements, vital tools in resolving disputes, often involve complex legal nuances, making the involvement of a solicitor crucial. This … Read more

Choosing A Settlement Agreement Solicitor

Navigating through the complexities of a settlement agreement can be daunting. Having the right solicitor by your side can make a significant difference, offering much-needed legal advice and support. Let’s look at the key factors to consider when choosing a settlement agreement solicitor and the options for consultations. Understanding Settlement AgreementsA settlement agreement, previously known as … Read more

Is A Solicitor Required For A Settlement Agreement

A solicitor, or a qualified legal advisor, is legally required for a settlement agreement.   Settlement agreements are legal documents that formalise the terms of separation between an employer and employee. These agreements are often utilised to mitigate the risk of future claims against the employer. However, the question often arises: are solicitors for settlement agreements necessary? Legal … Read more

What happens when a settlement agreement is breached by either an employer or an employee?

Breaching a settlement agreement, whether as an employer or an employee, can lead to legal consequences such as withheld payments or claims for damages, making it essential to understand and fulfil your obligations as outlined in the agreement. When is the settlement agreement breached?   A settlement agreement can be breached by either party if … Read more

How much are settlement agreement solicitors fees?

Can I get a free consultation?   If you have been offered a settlement agreement you will likely be entitled to a free consultation with the solicitor that you intend to instruct. They will be able to give you a brief guide on your legal position during a free consultation before you formally instruct the … Read more

How do I write a settlement agreement?

It is important to draft a settlement agreement correctly to ensure that the clauses within it are enforceable and that it properly waives individuals rights to pursue a claim in the courts or the employment tribunal.   It is not possible to simply print a template and complete the gaps because it is important to … Read more

Settlement agreement waiver of claims

From the employer’s perspective, the most important clause within a settlement agreement is often the waiver of claims.   This clause requires the individual to waive his or her rights to pursue any claims in the employment tribunal arising from their employment or the termination of their employment.    The waiver needs to be appropriately … Read more

Without prejudice conversations and settlement agreements

Settlement agreements are often discussed with employees during without-prejudice conversations sometimes known as protected conversations. The reason for this is that the detail discussed during the conversation if it is without prejudice cannot be disclosed to a court or tribunal in due course. If you have any questions relating to this then speak to a … Read more

Differences Between COT3 and A Settlement Agreement

The primary difference between COT3 and a settlement agreement is at what point in the employment dispute process they are used. A settlement agreement removes the ability of the employee to make a future claim at the employment tribunal. COT3 is used before employment tribunal proceedings take place.   Here are six key distinctions between … Read more

Settlement agreement from employer

Why have I been offered a settlement agreement from my employer?   This is a very common question on most people’s lips at the state when they are offered an agreement by their employer and informed that they should seek legal advice from settlement agreements solicitors.   Why a settlement agreement has been offered by … Read more