Why should settlement agreements be confidential?

One of the key clauses within a settlement agreement is the confidentiality provision. Seek legal advice   It is important that you take legal advice from a specialist employment lawyer on the terms of the confidentiality undertaking that you are providing within the settlement agreement.   This is because in some cases it is possible … Read more

Settlement agreement how much should I get?

This is the most common question our settlement solicitors get asked by individuals who are offered settlement agreements by their employers. How much should I get?   The answer to this question is that the individual should receive adequate compensation for the termination of their employment in all of the circumstances of the case.   … Read more

Settlement agreement to end employment

A settlement agreement is used in most cases to end an employee’s employment.   This may be for the reason of the employee’s resignation alternatively for another reason for example redundancy. Due to the fact that this is the end of an employee’s employment they generally receive a contractual notice entitlement under the terms of … Read more

Settlement agreement important clauses

Settlement Agreement Advice often get asked what are the most important clauses within a settlement agreement. The answer is that this depends on the circumstances of the individual case. Waiver of future claims clause One of the key clauses is the waiver that employees provide confirming that they will waive their right to pursue any claims … Read more

What does a solicitor do with a settlement agreement?

Quick read: An employment solicitor will review the terms of a settlement agreement offered by an employer to establish if a reasonable offer has been made to the employee while ensuring their rights remain protected before they sign.   If you need advice from settlement agreement solicitors then we would take instructions from a client … Read more

Settlement Agreement Guidance

What should be included in a settlement agreement?   There are a number of clauses that are ever present in settlement agreements. Of course, important for the individuals signing the settlement agreement, that needs to be clauses making a provision for settlement payments to be made to them upon their termination. These clauses will provide … Read more