Settlement Agreement Guidance

What should be included in a settlement agreement?   There are a number of clauses that are ever present in settlement agreements. Of course, important for the individuals signing the settlement agreement, that needs to be clauses making a provision for settlement payments to be made to them upon their termination. These clauses will provide … Read more

Redundancy Guide for Employees in the UK

What is Redundancy?   Redundancy is when an employer dismisses an employee from their employment, usually to reduce the total number of employees that are employed by the company. Employment law guidelines   In the UK, redundancy is governed by employment law. This means that employers must follow strict guidelines before making any redundancies.   … Read more

Is redundancy the same as a settlement agreement?

No. Although both deal with the dismissal of an employee, they are different.   The difference is, redundancy is a longer, formal process involving a notice period, redundancy pay and sometimes the option to move into a different job role.   The settlement agreement process is quicker and is a negotiated legally binding contract in … Read more