How much are settlement agreement solicitors fees?

Can I get a free consultation?


If you have been offered a settlement agreement you will likely be entitled to a free consultation with the solicitor that you intend to instruct. They will be able to give you a brief guide on your legal position during a free consultation before you formally instruct the solicitor. There is no obligation to proceed.


You can obtain this free consultation at a time of your choice simply by contacting the free phone number displayed on the website.


Alternatively, you can send a message through the contact form on the website to arrange a free consultation when convenient for you.


Further information on the costs of a settlement agreement solicitor can be found further down the page.

What are our settlement agreement legal fees for advice?


Your employer often pays our fee for advice in full. There will be a fee contribution detailed in the agreement typically approximately £350 or £500 plus VAT. Often your employer will pay your legal costs in full for advice on the circumstances surrounding your agreement and the general advice given.

If I decide to negotiate are there costs and how do I pay for this?


If you decide to negotiate with your employer then any additional fees which are incurred may also be paid by the employer if a settlement figure is agreed.


If we write to the employer threatening a claim and negotiating upwards on the settlement offer which has been made to you we will also negotiate upwards on the legal fee contribution to cover any additional costs which have been incurred.

What if I negotiate for something other than money?


If you negotiate for something other than money, for example, amendments to the wording of a reference or a confidentiality undertaking, this advice can usually be provided within the original fee contribution. This means that no extra fee would be payable by you for this advice.

Who will advise me?


Our settlement agreement solicitors regularly advise on settlement agreements as a requirement of a legally binding agreement. We advise on more than 100 agreements per month. in addition to this, our experienced advisers also draft agreements for employers. The lawyers here have a strong track record of negotiating increases on original offers on behalf of the individuals who instruct the firm.

Do we offer a settlement agreement fixed fee service?


Yes, we do offer this service. Most law firms only charge on an hourly rate basis. However, at Settlement Agreement Advice, we offer a fixed fee service for advice.


In addition, sometimes individuals choose to instruct us on a conditional fee basis whereby our fee amounts to a percentage of any increase which is offered on the original settlement offer. In that case, individuals are protected against the situation where additional fees are incurred which they have to pay with heat into their original offer.


Please ask the legal professional whom you instruct about these different methods of charging for advice on your agreement.