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If you wish to negotiate the amount of compensation, we can help. On average, we obtain an increase of 25 to 50% over and above the opening offer.

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If you've been offered a settlement agreement by your employer, you may have questions you need answers to.

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  • How long with the process take?
  • What are the future implications of signing a settlement agreement?
  • Are there any hidden clauses?
  • Is the compensation I've been offered fair and can I negotiate more?
  • Should I bring a claim to the employment tribunal?

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I used DPH Legal for a very complex employment law problem. Before contacting DPH Legal, I had shopped around but didn't feel comfortable with other firms who didn't seem interested and were pretty unresponsive.

From the start, Sarah was supportive and helpful. She knew her stuff. She put me at ease right away. Even though my situation was complex, Sarah explained things in simple terms and seemed unfazed by the very aggressive approach taken by the other party. I was glad to have her on my side. She took the stress out of the situation. Sarah was polite, responsive and a safe pair of hands.

Overall, very happy with the service and outcome.

Testimonial from Review Solicitors - 24.11.2021

William C

It was with some shock that after 22 years of service and high performance, I found myself facing the prospect of redundancy via a settlement agreement. 

I contacted DPH Legal and my case was taken by John McConkey. He talked me through every stage of the process in plain English and proved to be invaluable with his help, guidance and advice.

During what was a very traumatic time for me, John was able to get me to assess the situation without emotion getting in the way, which proved vital. Perhaps most importantly, he was able to negotiate a final settlement that was substantially more than the initial offer.

For this, I will always be grateful and I consider John a credit to his profession. Needless to say, I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone.

Testimonial taken from Trust Pilot - 11.012.2018

Ian C Panting

I can't thank Farideh enough, for all her valid advice and support in obtaining a successful 'Settlement Agreement' for me, from my company. Farideh was very informative and always available to explain and act on the necessary advice and guidance I needed in this case.

Her documentation issued to the company was very detailed and showed that Farideh had taken the time to look into the issues I faced regarding my dispute and claim against my company, which eventually provided a favourable outcome.

My thanks to Farideh's professionalism and efficiency, in achieving this efficient and favourable outcome.

Testimonial from Review Solicitors - 31.01.2022

What are settlement agreements?

A settlement agreement is a legally binding document within employment law that's voluntarily signed by two parties, an employer and an employee. A settlement agreement was formerly called a compromise agreement up until July 2013.

When an employer wishes to end an employment contract, they'll typically offer a settlement agreement. This is so that there is a clear, amicable break between the two parties with no opportunity for the employee to make a future claim against the employer at an employment tribunal.

Signing the settlement agreement effectively waives the employee’s rights to make such a claim in exchange for financial compensation commonly referred to as a severance payment.

In order for the settlement agreement to be legally valid, it must be signed by a qualified solicitor.

If an employee has been offered a settlement agreement, it is recommended to have it checked over by a solicitor for its legal implications. They will ensure whether the employer’s offer is fair, if an increased compensation payout could be negotiated or if there are any signs of discrimination.

Negotiating your agreement

Individuals will require the legal advice and services from a qualified employment law solicitor for the purposes of negotiating a settlement agreement.

The legal advisor's responsibility is to advise you whether or not the sums of money set out within the agreement are sufficient or alternatively, whether you should consider negotiating.

This will depend on a number of factors including your length of service and the merit in any legal claims which may have arisen from the termination of your employment or the offer of the settlement agreement. On average, our solicitors can achieve an additional 25% to 50% increase in compensation based on your employer's initial offer.

The settlement agreement will have been provided to you as a template document and it can be negotiated as part of the legal services offered by your solicitor.

Tax implications

Your solicitor should advise you on the tax implications of the payments to be made to you. If there is an emolument i.e. a contractual payment namely notice pay or salary or bonus payments, then the tax implications for those payments are that they will ordinarily be paid through the payroll. 

In other words, fewer deductions for tax and National Insurance. If there is an ex gratia payment, i.e., a termination payment up to the value of £30,000 then on the face of it, the tax implications for that payment are that it may be made to you tax-free. 

You must consider whether or not the sums of money to be paid to you, having factored in the tax implications of your settlement agreement, are sufficient to encourage you to waive your rights to pursue a claim in the Employment Tribunal.