Settlement agreement from employer

Why have I been offered a settlement agreement from my employer?


This is a very common question on most people’s lips at the state when they are offered an agreement by their employer and informed that they should seek legal advice from settlement agreements solicitors.


Why a settlement agreement has been offered by the employer can be for a number of different reasons.


We see agreements offered for diverse reasons including a restructuring or redundancy situation, a performance concern, alongside a disciplinary process or in response to a grievance brought by an individual against their employer.


A settlement agreement from an employer is offered to ensure there is a clean break between the parties and that the individual waives his or her rights to pursue any claims against the employer.


The agreement will include terms related to the termination payments to be made to the individual to require them to waive those claims as well as all non-financial terms including confidentiality non-derogatory statements undertakings and in many cases agreed wording for reference.